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On the Wings of a Fallen Angel Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Lucy.
"Wh-what?" A young angel with black and grey wings stuttered out to his gray winged guardian, Uriel. The young angel was lanky and pale, and his gray eyes betrayed his fear at what his father figure just told him. His black hair reached just past his shoulders, and was always unkempt.
"You have been banished, Lucifer." Uriel told him. Uriel was a menacing figure. His bulk made him intimidating to most. He was bald, and had sparkling blue eyes.
"But why?" Lucifer asked, tears forming in his eyes.
"You know why." Uriel growled at him.
"B-But I don't." Lucifer pleaded.
"Lying as well, Lucifer? I'm very ashamed to have been assigned your guardian." Uriel told him cruelly before He hit the crying Lucifer in the neck, rendering him unconscious.
"Uriel!" Sariel, Uriel's wife, landed in front in him and folded her bright pink wings. "Did you hear! He's banished Lucy!" Sariel was Uriel’s wife and her dark red hair reached down to the small of her back. Her green eyes glit
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Character Bio for Charleon Warfare
Name: Kurai Kishimoto(Alt. Personalities-Yami o Haikai; Odayakana Kage)
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Personality: Kurai-Shy, Peaceful, quiet; Yami-Violent, ruthless, hungry;Odayakana Kage-Calm, Serene, Calculating
Species: Human
Class: Elemental Magician, Warrior Berserker(Yami)
Group: Freelancers
Bio: Kurai-When she was younger, she was a fun-loving and happy child. But when she lost her parents to an armed robber when she was 6, the tragic event traumatized her young mind and awakened her innate ability to have influence over darkness and shadows. It also spawned the personality of Yami o Haikai, the merciless killer. Yami mortally wounded the robber, but he managed to escape. Angry at losing her prey, she wandered into town and slaughtered every single person in the town. When Kurai regained control of her body, she awoke to find herself in a sea of blood. The blood of her friends, family, and neighbors she had known all her life. This caused another personality, Odayakana Kage, to manife
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As the Clock TurnsChapter 6
As the Clock Turns
Chapter 6
Unknown location
Noon looked at his master. "All the pieces are in play, master."
Midnight couldn't help but allow himself a little smile. "Now we wait for them to make the first move."
Everfree forest, Sky's pov
Chrysalis was still unconscious. Even Swirly's advanced magical powers weren't enough to wake her up. "She's in a self-induced coma. She''ll wake up when she wants to." He told me. I put Pinkie and Swirly on guard duty while me, Edge, and Shadow went to look for food.
Canterlot castle Twilight's pov
He attacked the princess. I couldn't believe it. I walked over to Princess Luna. "We need to go after him." I told her. "He needs to be officially banished.
Luna had a face of shock at me suggesting we banish Sky. "That wasn't my sister, Twilight Sparkle. That was just a clever ruse to get Sky to leave." She told me. "And I think I know who did it."
Outside ponyville
Dusk walked over to his sister. "What did you do, Dawn?" He asked her.
She smiled. "I j
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As the Clock Turns Chapter 5
As the Clock Turns
Chapter 5
Canterlot palace, Sky's pov
I woke up in my room and all I felt was pain. I thought that I had somehow been injured again, but I saw that it was just Chrysalis's horn stabbing me. She and Pinkie were both curled up on either side of me and Chrysalis's horn was stabbing me in the side.
"Aww, young love." Breeze said from inside my mind.
"What are you talking about?" I asked her.
She sighed. "You can be extremely dense sometimes, you know that?"
"I'm not dense. If anyone is dense it's you."
Thunder showed up. "Seriously. Thats your best comeback? I could think of better ones if I was a rock."
I felt a prick in my side and saw that Chrysalis had punctured the skin with her horn. Thunder laughed at me and Breeze giggled, Which I found kind of disturbing since we're technically the same person. I felt something breathing down my neck which scared the shit out of me. I jumped and woke up Pinkie and Chrysalis.
Chrysalis saw that I was awake and hugged me. Pinkie d
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As the Clock TurnsChapter 4
As the Clock Turns
Chapter 4
Outside changeling lair, 10 minutes after events in chapter 3
We were exhausted. Edge had attacked Celestia giving us enough time to escape. The attack she did just left me temporarily blind. We were able to hide long enough for my her to return to Canterlot. Chrysalis was still unconscious. I wrapped her broken wing with some gauze I kept in my mane.
Edge walked up to me. "You wanna tell me why she thought you disgraced her son?"
"She probably thought I was a real changeling. My mom was always a little attack first, ask questions later."
His eyes grew wide. "You're Celestia's son?"
"In a way, yes."
He scowled. "You're lucky you told me that now instead of earlier. I would have killed you instantly."
He hit the ground leaving a pretty good sized dent. "She's the reason I was banished from home."
"Not any more you're not." I told him.
"Can you even do that?"
I shrugged. "Don't see why not. Besides you're my friend. And friends always help each other."
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As the Clock Turns chapter 3
As the Clock Turns
chapter 3
Changeling lair
"And why should I listen to you?" Chrysalis asked the red unicorn.
"Because if you don't master will dispose of you."
Her face had a look of fear when he told her this. "Very well. Report back to your master and tell him that I will attack Canterlot yet again."
The red unicorn looked pleased. "Very smart of you, queen chrysalis."
He flashed away to his master. Chrysalis looked at her second in command, the only other sentient changeling. "Hellion, I want you to bring me this prince while the minions distract Celestia."
"Yes, my queen." Hellion replied. "What will we do about Straight Edge? He kills all changelings that try to leave."
"I will deal with him myself. We attack at Dusk."
Unknown location
The red unicorn sneezed. "Somepony better not be talking about me." He muttered.
Canterlot, 6 p.m. (Two hours before dusk.) Sky's pov
"Man, Pinkie that was an awesome party." I told her.
"I know! Wasn't it super duper awesome! Especially that par
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As the Clock Turns chapter 2
As the Clock Turns
Chapter 2
Sky's pov
Today has been a pretty shitty day so far. I have had to escape a hydra, a pack of timberwolves and some weird octopus that somehow got into the forest.
"Hurry up, Sky." My yellow dragon friend was getting very impatient. Then again she's always impatient.
"Considering the fact that I have 3 broken ribs and a ruptured spleen, I think we're making good progress Talon." I hoped we were close to the exit. I was getting tired. "Hey Talon."
"Do you think-" Before I could finish we were sucked into quicksand. I struggled against the sand, but it was no use. "So this is how I go out. I always thought it would be mom's cooking."
Talon tapped my shoulder. "You know I can get us out of this, right?"
I sighed. "Thanks, Talon. You ruined my one chance to say I regret nothing." She engulfed us in flames and we were out of the quicksand.
Talon punched me in the face. "You asshole! You made me walk when you could have just flown to ponyville.
"That would
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As the Clock Turns
As the Clock Turns
Chapter 1
"Where are we going again Draco?" A gray unicorn stallion with a black mane asked an indigo pegasus stallion with a white mane which was grown out and covered his left eye. The gray one's cutie mark was blue book, and the indigo ones cutie mark was the eye of a dragon. Draco hit him on his head. "Ow! Stop hitting me!"
"Your iq is over 200 yet you can't remember a simple mission? It's an embarrassment to be your friend, Wisehoof ." Draco told him.
"So you're my friend?" Wisehoof asked with a grin on his face.
"I don't even know why i try." Draco said under his breath.
"Again, where are we going?" Wisehoof asked again.
Draco sighed. "We're going to the ponyville library to meet a pony named Twilight Sparkle who is the student of princess Celestia, who we need to somehow contact and tell her Sky is coming to visit."
"And how do you propose we find out where the library is?" Wisehoof asked.
"Why, that's obvious." Draco replied. "We simply ask somepony where her
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Since I have last been on here. Honestly, deviantart has gotten kinda boring. But that's not what this is for. To people who want shiny pokemon, I lost a great many of them in the great poke bank deletion of january. So supply is now limited. I have quite a bit of the legendaries left though. I am currently working on my pokedex to help restock supplies, and am a little over 200 away from that goal. Even got me a hoopa. I apologize to all of you for not being active, but I will be active the next week, at the very least.


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Hello peoples, my name is William. I also will answer to Craig, Wolfy, or God.(I might be a bit of a narcissist.) I am 17 years old and a junior in high school. I am an amateur writer, and it has been a passion of mine for quite some time. I am bisexual(Lean a bit more towards the gay side), and have never had a romantic relationship. I have an unnatural love for japanese culture. Not all of it, just mainly the food and entertainment. Ramen is the food of the god's in my opinion and Hoenn will always be the best pokemon region. That's all you really need to know for now. Oh! And i'm a professional Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist.


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